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Dig deep into your Eventbrite analytics and see why your business is growing. EventNinja delivers the data that really counts to understand your attendees and increase ticket sales.


EventNinja is a fantastic tool for event organizers that want to get more visibility into their best and most profitable attendees. It can really help Eventbrite organizers sell more tickets by knowing exactly the right audience to target.

Scott Van Brunt, Business Devel. Lead @ Eventbrite
Matt merk

It's nice to have one centralized place that we could pull all of our event data together. See who our top spenders were at a glance, figure out how often people are coming back to our events and so much more!

Matt Meeks, Operations Director @ Network Under 40

Attendee intelligence, analytics & CRM

Juicy reports and insights with zero configuration
  • Revenue Growth
  • Attendee Segmentation
  • Attendees Engagement
  • Revenue Growth Rate
  • Active Attendees
  • Attendee Growth Rate
  • New Attendees
  • Top purchasers for each event
  • Revenue Lost from Discounts
  • New vs Returning Attendees
  • Attendee Churn
  • Attendees Slipping Away
  • Total Refunds
  • Total Fees

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"EventnNinja saves us 8-10 hours a month"

Read how "Network Under 40" use EventNinja to save time and increase ticket sales.

You are busy.
Let us do the heavy lifting.

With EventNinja you can save up to 20 hours a month of your time. So you can go back to what really matters. Isn't that great?

Attendees segmentation done right

EventNinja CRM will transform the way you connect with your attendees. Enjoy all your attendees data in one intuitive, beautiful, and searchable place, ready for anyone on your team to interact with. Start connecting with your attendees on a personal level.
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See how EventNinja can help your business increasing ticket sales, attendee engagement and revenues.

A platform that is as smart as you are.

Find out what is driving your ticket sales, who are the most valuable attendees, who is slipping away and much much more.

Learn more about each attendee

With EventNinja attendee profile, you can find out their Life Time Value, personal and company profile information and more along with their entire history with you.
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