Case study - Network Under 40

"EventnNinja saves us 8-10 hours a month"

Matt merk

It's nice to have one centralized place that we could pull all of our event data together. See who our top spenders were at a glance, figure out how often people are coming back to our events and so much more!

Founded in 2011, Network Under 40 is an american event company that runs events in 8 cities across the US. Matt - the Operations Director at NU40 - explains: "Network Under 40 exists at the intersection of friendship and business. We understand that we live in a connection economy and the foundation to success in career and personal life hinges on genuine relationships with real people".

Matt was looking at ways to improve his events and foster growth by using data. Asked what was important to track, he had little doubt about that: "Revenue is definitely the metric we have to track, but being able to see who our top spenders are and how often our attendees are coming is really important".

“Being able to see all of our data in one spot helps us save time and make better decisions."

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Matt was looking for "a tool that let us pull all of our data from the various events we have into one spot because pulling spreadsheets out of Eventbrite is a long and hard process". He found EventNinja on Eventbrite integration library - Spectrum - and decided to give it a go.

Matt tickets

Matt bars

On EventNinja Matt was finally able to see the full picture of all his events in one spot. He says: "We had no easy way to find those people who just came once to our event. With EN we can pull that info in just a few clicks and get the name and email to re-target those people".

“We had no easy way to see sales, fees, top spenders, etc across all events before EventNinja."

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See EventNinja in action

See how EventNinja can help your business increasing ticket sales, attendee engagement and revenues.

EventNinja is able to save him and his team 8 to 10 hours a month when they pull metrics. But EventNinja didn't just save Matt time. It was what he could do with these data that really made it special.

"Being able to find those one time attenders quickly is definitely a great feature for us. Now that we know who they are we can reach out to them specifically with special offers and invite them to come back."

EventNinja reports are designed to be easy to understand for everybody, for example by presenting numbers with visual charts when possible. One of Matt's routines is to go to EventNinja after an event to export a PDF with all the important stats.

“The event reports are really helpful as they visualize the data. This really helps our team understand it better and much faster than just looking at numbers."

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Matt attendees

Finally, Matt mentions the CRM as one of the keys to extract actionable insights about his attendees. EventNinja CRM is built with proprietary technology and can answer almost every question about your attendees. "It was great getting to see the buying history of each of our attendees. Having the ability to filter through them is very helpful. Having this kind of information helped us to better define our customer profiles.".