About EventNinja

Meet our fearless team of Ninjas

Hello. We are a London based startup with a simple vision: help event organisers make better decisions with data.

EventNinja is the brainchild of two internet entrepreneurs who saw a need for an insights and metrics tool for events.

For years people have used analytics tools to analyse the performance of their website, sales and marketing.

However, for events it usually resulted manually calculating the key insights in error-prone spreadsheets. People were spending hours fiddling with formulas, sourcing multiple data points, and just wasting a lot time when they should be focusing on improving their desired metric.

That's when we put our heads together and asked ourselves one, simple question: Can we build an insight and metrics tool for events?

The answer of course, is yes. And so, like ninjas, we did.

EventNinja is a blooming software business, which offers event marketing services helping you develop a marketing strategy, get more attendees, raise sponsors' profiles and increase ROI.

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Anthony francis

Anthony Francis

CEO & Founder
A student of all things startup and passionate about helping event organisers achieve their objectives through event analytics.

Manuel frigerio

Manuel Frigerio

CTO & Founder
Jack of all trades. His job is to make sure the platform runs smoothly. Currently travelling the world as a digital nomad.